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Bishkek · Kyrgyzstan


  • Russian
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  • Library Yes
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IUK or International University of Kyrgyzstan

Only three words, but they contain a whole story of creation and development.

Our history was started on March 11, 1993, as a higher educational institution.

We went through a lot of development stages and a lot of time and effort were spent, today we are positioning ourselves as an organizational structure based on the Euro-American universities’ system, which supposes the autonomy of divisions and is aimed at active activities in the field of education and science.

What does our structure of the ESPC " IUK " consist of?

IUK Central Campus;

IUK East campus;

IUK Eastern Medical Campus.

  • Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan

  • Start accepting applications 20/07/2020

  • +7(996)312-64-23
  • [email protected]