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             International University of innovative technologies-choose your future with us!

   The international University of innovative technologies-a source of educational, scientific and methodological competencies, works in the triad "education-science-production", in the transfer of innovative technologies relevant to almost all areas of the modern economy – in the training of highly qualified competitive specialists for the innovation system of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Vision IITU

The international University of innovative technologies is an open-type higher education institution capable of perceiving, accumulating, creating and disseminating new knowledge, innovative business proposals, providing scientific and educational services using modern technologies, training competitive specialists that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers, society and the state, demonstrating the desire to integrate into the world educational community and implementing in practice the policy of sustainable innovative development.

Features IITU

A characteristic feature of the University that distinguishes it from other universities-both in teaching and in research is that IITU focuses on the priority areas of development of science and production: optical technologies; information and communication technologies; automation and management; it technologies; information security; computer modeling in architecture and construction; production of effective building materials and products; linguistics; management of innovation in scientific, technical and industrial spheres; Economics with the use of innovation; psychology and pedagogy; power supply and electrical engineering; operation of vehicles; geographic information systems; environmental monitoring. In a number of scientific fields, the University claims to be one of the leading centers of Central Asia.

At the University, research plays a fundamental role and determines the content and technology of the educational process. IITU pays constant attention to the formation and development of its unique scientific and pedagogical schools. The University does not clone these schools by opening branches or representative offices because of the complexity, knowledge intensity, originality and innovation of their fields of activity.


- Information systems and technologies
- Architecture design and light industry technology
- Production of building materials and earthquake-resistant construction
- Electric power and electrical engineering
- Economics, Finance and innovation management
- Russian - Kyrgyz joint Department of technology 1C
- Philosophy, intercultural communication and psychology
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