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      Since 1899 Gzhel state University (GSU) has been a center of artistic and industrial education, training of specialists in the field of artistic ceramics and decorative and applied arts. The University is located in an ecologically clean and quiet location 40 km from Moscow. 

Today Gzhel state University is a dynamically developing University with modern computer and multimedia equipment, large educational and production workshops, specialized classrooms for decorative and applied arts (ceramics, glass and other materials), painting, drawing, sculpture, design. Students for independent work have the opportunity to use the reading room, equipped with modern computers with Internet access and access to the electronic library.

GSU has four faculties: arts and crafts and design, Economics and management, social and humanitarian education and distance learning. The College is a structural subdivision of the University. The University has 137 teachers, 70% of them have academic degrees and titles, among them 7 honored artists of Russia.

More than 4000 students from Russia and foreign countries study at the University. Education at the University is carried out in Russian. The number of educational programs of higher and secondary vocational education implemented at the University is 41. Students ' knowledge is assessed on a four-point system (five-excellent, 4-good, 3-satisfactory, 2-unsatisfactory). Students who do not pass the exam on time have the right to retake. After training, students receive a state diploma.

On the campus (4 hectares) there is a University, a sports complex, production workshops, a student canteen and two dormitories, where Russian and foreign students live. The territory of the University is fenced and guarded. The University has a buffet bar, a medical center, a library, an Assembly hall and sports halls, a Museum.
Accommodation in 2-3 comfortable rooms of apartment type-kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (hot and cold water, refrigerator, TV, kettle, washing machine, unlimited Internet, etc.).
According to the results of monitoring the activities of state educational institutions of higher education in order to assess the effectiveness of their work, Gzhel state University has always been recognized as an effective University.

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