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Pre-school education and upbringing



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Shymkent · Kazakhstan


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  • Military department Yes
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  • Нostel Yes
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KIPUDN mission is to train a new generation of professionals for a democratic, economically developed and socially oriented society in Kazakhstan, improvement of quality of educational services, promoting innovation and industrial development of the country. A team of highly qualified employees with higher education does everything in our University to successfully solve these problems. 

KIPUDN innovative University, one of the leaders in the training of competitive specialists in the education system.  Our task is to train specialists who are ready to conscientiously and responsibly perform their professional duty, able to generate new ideas, develop innovative projects, create structural materials of the next generation, develop new technologies in production, who are fluent in software information products of today.

Thus, our goal is to help you realize your opportunities, abilities and potential. We work on the principles of mutual trust and show it within our management system. This is a requirement of the time. We hope that we will be able to establish a dialogue, because it is in the interests of all of us. You are always welcome! Over the years, the University two types of intra-University grants-S. academician. Grants Kuatbekova and rector's grant, which were presented to applicants (scored at the UNT more than 100 points, but do not receive state grants), as well as winners and prize-winners of competitions at various levels. These grants are fully exempt from tuition fees. Has a discount-student category, which is a candidate for master of sports. They are provided with benefits in order to improve their sports status, attract young people to it, promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Shymkent, Tole bi str., 32 Shymkent, Kazakhstan

  • Start accepting applications 02/14/2019 - 02/14/2019

  • +7(725)295-25-21
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