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Pedagogy and methods of primary education



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Shymkent · Kazakhstan


  • Grant No
  • Military department Yes
  • Library Yes
  • Нostel Yes
  • Canteen Yes
  • Laboratory Yes
  • Wi-Fi Yes

Regional social and innovative University is one of the leading universities in the training of future specialists, the University uses advanced technologies of international level, innovative methods that meet the modern requirements of education and innovative science. Higher education institution adhering to the principle-a confident step into the future begins with the education of an educated specialist, introduces into the educational process the best practices of world universities by strengthening international relations. Training is conducted in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English). 

Teaching staff 60% - academics, doctors and candidates, associate professors and professors. The University has the owners of the grant "Best University teacher" of the RK MES: doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Zh. K Oalbc - 2013, Ph. D., associate Professor E. I. Kystaubayev-2014, Ph. D., associate Professor A. Zhilisbaeva-2009,2015 year, Ph. D., associate Professor M. Uskenov-2009, d.b.N., Professor A. N. Khalil-2008, K. S. H. B. G. B. Alyshbaev-2009, K. S. agricultural Sciences, associate Professor A. E. Uderbaeva 2018. At present, the University has 5 faculties, 9 departments and the Department of military training.

 The material and technical base is well developed for the training of specialists. There are 6 academic buildings, a student hostel, medical centers, canteens, libraries, sports and Assembly halls.

 For students there are discounts for education: for children-orphans from 20% to 100%, families with many children - 30%, holders of "Altyn belgi"- 25%, the direction of the regional akimat — 100 %, full tuition — 10%, with the certificate of UNT is from 90 to 100 points — 10%, over 100 points - 20%

  • Ryskulov str. 27/2 Shymkent, Kazakhstan

  • Start accepting applications 01/20/2019 - 08/25/2019

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