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Almaty · Kazakhstan


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Suleiman Demirel University is a secular higher educational institution located in Kaskelen, Almaty region.

Today the University has 4 faculties:

  • Faculty of law and social Sciences and Humanities;
  • Faculty of pedagogical and humanitarian Sciences;
  • Faculty of engineering and natural Sciences;
  • Business school of SDU.
SDU was opened on December 17, 1996 by the public Fund "Bilim Orda" with the participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev and the ninth President of Turkey S. Demirel. At the suggestion of N. A. Nazarbayev, the University was named in honor of Suleiman Demirel. 

The main subject of the University is the implementation of educational curricula of higher, postgraduate education and the organization of additional education for adults. University programs are focused on the modern needs of society, and adapted to the rapidly changing social, political and economic situation in the country. The University has created conditions for ensuring the availability and quality of education that meets the requirements of international and national legislation, for continuous training of the teaching staff and improving the efficiency of University management. The teaching staff of the University carries out research in various fields of knowledge. The University provides a wide range of additional educational services.

The activities of the SDU are aimed at the development and implementation of educational, research and scientific programs in such a way as to provide students with all the necessary skills for both professional growth and personal development. Respect for the intellectual potential and dignity of the student as an individual is paramount. 

Every year in the ranking of the IQAA and NAAR University occupies 1 place in the IT professions. Education in the field of IT meets all quality standards. It annually proved by our alumni who work in top companies like Amazon, Google,, Facebook. In addition to technical specialties SDU is in the TOP 5 programs "Journalism", "Two foreign languages", "International relations", "Finance" and "Accounting and auditing". Future financiers and auditors have the opportunity to receive a maximum of 9/9 ACCA certificates. The UNIVERSITY is also in the TOP 5 in the number of state grants. In 2018, the grant received 1168 students, including Chiara Kudaibergenova, scored on UNT 140 points. Every year students are sent to foreign universities in 23 countries of the world under the international student exchange program. It is possible to get a double degree

  • 1/1 Abylaikhan street of Karasai Rn Almaty , Kazakhstan

  • Start accepting applications 02/20/2019 - 08/25/2019

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