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Kursk Management, Economics and Business Institute provides an opportunity to get modern quality education in the fields of economics and management based on the use of advanced international experience in education, science and business.

We contribute to everyone’s success, and our graduates carry optimism, self-confidence and professional competence.

We train professional leaders who strive for constant self-improvement, actively working in all spheres of economic life.

The Institute of continuing education was established and registered, based on the decision of the founder of Kursk regional public organization of the society "Knowledge" of Russia, on July 15, 1994.
The location of the Institute was the house of Knowledge.
Okorokova Galina Pavlovna was appointed as a Rector of the Institute.
On November 22, 1994, the Institute opened the first faculty of Finance and law, where Lyudmila Inozemceva was appointed as a Dean.

Under the program of the International Center for Economic and Business Education (ICEBO), created under the auspices of the US National Council for Economic Education, the Institute is launching an advanced training program for teachers of economics in schools and technical schools in Kursk and the Kursk Region.
The Institute became a member of the international educational program PHARE-TACIS, designed to train employees of local governments. A representative office of MEBIK was opened in UTS Kastornoe.  the Rector of MEBIK was elected to the Public chamber of Kursk region.
First students internship in Germany.
The Board of Trustees, Alumni Association with the Rector's office established 50 scholarships for the best students.
Our anniversary it’s 20 years of the House of knowledge. XX conference of KROAPO "Knowledge"
Rushnikov Museum was awarded with the “Golden mercury” prize in the nomination "For contribution to the preservation and development of folk arts and crafts of Russia".

  • str. Radischeva 35 Kursk , Russia

  • Start accepting applications 01/06/2021 - 25/08/2021

  • +7(925)850-19-05
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